Doctor got shocked after seeing 915 coins in turtle's stomach! Check how it got there

You must have heard about many such strange things. Some person are fond of eating many non-inedible things, which later leads to their illness. One such thing happened with a turtle and when the doctor performed his operation, the experts were surprised. Now what was the reason behind his surprise, let's know.

In Thailand, 915 coins have emerged from a turtle stomach. Once the coins were seen in such a large number of turtles in the stomach, the doctor was also surprised. Turtle’s stomach had a pile of 915 coins in her stomach!

In Thailand, people found a turtle in a grave condition along the sea shore. People took this turtle to the hospital. A few doctors noticed the inability to swim with this green sea turtle. After they saw her CT scan, they were shocked to see coins in her stomach!

According to the information, this turtle named 'Bank' was found in a critical condition near a reservoir. People admitted him to hospital immediately. Due to the weight of coins, pressure was on her ventral shell, she was suffering from pain and swelling. It was also a lung infection. The doctors found phishing hooks caught in the turtle's gut. He got his life saved at the right time.

Many people visit this pool to wish for something and drop a coin for it to come true. Our actions are a consequence to these innocent creatures who fall prey to it!

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