7.9 Million Nigerians Became Unemployed In 21 Months – NBS

A total of 7.956 million Nigerians became unemployed between January 2016 and September 30, 2017, data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows.

This unemployment report survey for the third quarter of 2017 released by the NBS on December 22, 2017 puts the number at 7.956 million more than the 8,036 million in stood in 2015 Q4.

The bureau in the report stated that the number of Nigerians that became unemployed rose from 8,036 million in 2015 fourth quarter to 15.998 million in third quarter of 2017.

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The report said further that between the second quarter and third quarter of 2017, the number of economically active or working age population (15 – 64 years of age) increased from 110.3 million to 111.1 million.

“The unemployment rate increased from 14.2 per cent in Q4 2016 to 16.2 per cent in Q2 2017 and 18.8 per cent in Q3 2017. The number of people within the labor force who are unemployed or underemployed increased from 13.6 million and 17.7 million respectively in Q2 2017, to 15.9 million and 18.0 million in Q3 2017.

“Total unemployment and underemployment combined increased from 37.2 per cent in the previous quarter to 40 per cent in Q3 2017.

“The labor force population increased from 83.9 million in Q2 2017 to 85.1 million in Q3 2017. The total number of people in full-time employment (at least 40 hours a week) declined from 52.7 million in Q2 2017 to 51.1 million in Q3 2017.”

NBS in the report blames the increasing unemployment and underemployment rates on Nigeria’s fragile economy despite the exit from recession. The report explained that domestic labor market is still fragile and economic growths in the past two quarters in 2017 have not been strong enough to provide employment in Nigeria’s domestic labor market.

“An economic recession is consistent with an increase in unemployment as jobs are lost and new jobs creation is stalled.

“A return to economic growth provides an impetus to employment. However, employment growth may lag, and unemployment rates worsen especially at the end of a recession and for many months after,” the report said.

During the third quarter of 2017, according to the report, 21.2 percent of women within the labour force (aged 15-64 and willing, able, and actively seeking work) were unemployed, compared to 16.5 percent of men within the same period.

The report also noted that underemployment was predominant in the rural areas as 26.9 percent of rural residents within the labour force in were underemployed compared to 9 percent of urban residents within the same period.

Lewandowski Determined To Go To Real Madrid

The future of Robert Lewandowski is once again on the front of the stage. According to several media, the Polish international striker has reiterated his wish to leave Bayern to join Real Madrid.

The galactic desired by Florentino Perez is perhaps named Robert Lewandowski. The striker of Bayern Munich has never hidden his attraction for Real Madrid and it is not today that it will change.

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus Turin leaves a huge void to fill and he would enjoy it. According to Sky and Marca (who is making a Sunday on the subject), Lewandowski warned Bayern management of his desires elsewhere. Or more exactly of his desires of Real …

A reaffirmed will that will not surprise the Bavarian leaders. The fact remains that Madrilenians must now take action if they really want to move forward on this issue. Bayern having repeated several times that it was not a seller, it will not be easy. The two entities nevertheless have good relations and the two parts will therefore be quickly fixed.

“Lewandowski’s dream is to play Real, but from there to make it happen …”, argues a relative of the player, quoted by Marca. Under contract until 2021, the Polish changed agent this year (Zahavi) so that his situation evolves in the direction he wants. But Bayern is still at the heart of its problem.


Nigerians Deserves A Healthy President, PDP, R-APC Blasts Amaechi

The Peoples Democratic Party has accused the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, and others, which it did not name, of allegedly exploiting the fragile health of President Muhammadu Buhari to spite Nigerians.

The party was responding to a claim by the former governor of Rivers State that even if Buhari contested from a sickbed in 2019, he would win in some core northern states.

The opposition party said Amaechi and others in government “actually know that the President is sick” and that Buhari did not possess the mental ability to lead the country.

The National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, who spoke to our correspondent, asked Nigerians to insist on a healthy president in 2019.
He said, “If Amaechi could say that the President would win on a sickbed, then he knows the health status of his principal. He knows that we have a sick leader who will not be able to give his maximum attention to the country.

“We don’t need such a man at this critical time. We need a President who will be able to work 24 hours and read all memos, stand at meetings and debate with people and the parliament. We don’t need a figurehead president that the likes of Amaechi are praying for.

“I know that people like him want a president they can deceive, who will not be on top of happenings in their ministries and in the country. They want a president who won’t watch television and who will not read newspapers. If that is what they want, they will meet their Waterloo in 2019.”

Secondus added that the battle ahead would be between what he called a desperate cabal and Nigerians who he said “will be desirous to get freed from the grip of the wicked.”

The National Publicity Secretary of the R-APC, Kassim Afegbua, said Nigerians deserved better than a President on a sickbed to provide leadership in the 21st century.

Afegbua said, “Unknown to Hon. Minister Amaechi, Nigerians do not want a man on sickbed, hence there is a general consensus that this present leadership should quit.
“The country is terminally ill as a result of bad and ineffective leadership. Nigerians have been prevailing on the President to sit down and offer leadership, but he has been racking his brain.”

Meanwhile, the Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, has said he is still a member of the APC. The governor, who spoke through his Director-General, Media, Abubakar Shekara, stated this while reacting to claims by Amaechi.

Among others, Amaechi had said Tambuwal would defect from the APC, adding that Buhari would win Sokoto State without the governor in the APC.
Shekara said the governor would not take issue with the minister.

He stated, “My principal will right now, not take issue with anybody on who will win in what state, particularly Sokoto.
“Maybe, he would have reacted if the comment is centred on the candidate of another party and not the APC, which he is a bonafide member. How do you expect him to be taking issue with a fellow party member on the fortune of his party?”

Shekara also seized the opportunity to denounce speculations surrounding Tambuwal’s planned defection from the APC.
He added, “Tambuwal is still a member of the APC, and if there would be need for him to defect to another party, he would make his stand known at the appropriate time.”

Amaechi could not be reached for comments as his mobile indicated that it was switched off when one our correspondents called him

The 67 Million Youths Initiative Is Free Of Government Influence - Banky W

Banky W has admitted he is part of the controversial 67 million Youth Initiative which a whistle blowing new agency had claimed 200 million Naira was contracted to conveners of the Initiative to offer support to Buhari 2019 reelection bid.
The list had names like
Ubi Franklin CEO of made men music Group
Japhet Omojuwa who is an ardent Buhari supporter.


Important Notice For Npower Graduate 2017 Batch



Collect your deployment letter from the respective LGA Director of Health on Tuesday 31st July 2018
Immediately upload the signed and stamped deployment letter on your N-Power Portal
You are qualified to receive your stipend commencing 31st August 2018
You are now on board for a period of 2 years subject to commitment , diligence and regular at your PPA


Collect your deployment letters from the respective LGA Education Board Tuesday 31st July 2018
Immediately upload the signed and stamped deployment letter on your N-Power Portal
You are qualified to receive your stipend commencing 31st August 2018
You are now on board for a period of 2 years subject to commitment, diligence and regular at your PPA


Collect your deployment letters from the ADP Zonal Manager from your respective LGA on Tuesday 31st July, 2018
Immediately upload the signed and stamped deployment letter on your N-Power Portal
You are qualified to receive your stipend, commencing on 31st August, 2018
You are now on board for the period of 2 years subject to commitment, diligence and regular at your PPA

My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It?

Its not yet confirmed but we are suspecting pregnancy. I am 28yrs of age and my girl is 22years. We started dating not too long. We made love sometime last month and she missed her perioed. We used strip and it shows she is pregnant. We will go for a proper test today to confirm. Now here are the issues disturbing me:

A: She wants abortion but I don't want that: she's a student, hence keeping it will be complicated for her.

B: I have been thinking of ways to convince her but she's adamant, abortion is the best for her. Please more ideas for me on how to convince her. And if I successfully convince her to keep the pregnancy, how do we go about this?

C: Both of us come from a very strick family. 

D: I am still thinking of how to report myself to her family. I could end up in police station tho. Do I go straight to see her parents (suicidal), do I go tell their pastor so we could find a way to break it to her parents. Do I go tro her parents siblings? 

What is just the best way to report myself? 

I need your advice's urgently please, coz we are doing the test this afternoon.

How To Avoid Dead Niches/markets

Choosing a dead niche or market is a real worry for most entrepreneurs.

And rightly so. 

You will lose a lot of time,effort and money if you go down the wrong niche. 

Luckily, there's a simple way to avoid going down a wrong niche. 

Here's how:

You have to understand that markets are just demonstrated cashflows. 

What's a demonstrated cashflow? : 

A demonstrated cash flow is simply something people already spend money on to solve a problem or fulfil a need. 

I think people define a market in a wrong way and that's why they have problems finding a profitable niche.

For example, yesterday, someone told me he was going to start a niche site. 

I asked him what niche he was going into. 

Here's what he said: 


For me, this is a wrong way to look at a niche or market. 

Photography is not a market. 

Or at least I won't call it one. 

It's just too broad. 

A market is something that has a demonstrated cash flow. Simple. 

What are people already spending money on that indicates they have some problem that you can help them remove or need something you can provide? 

So photographers learning how to use expensive software to edit their images is a market. 

Expensive image editing softwares is a demonstrated cash flow. Photographers that spend money on these type of softwares may then spend more money to get better editing their images. 

People who pay monthly for web hosting may spend money on web design. 

People who pay monthly for Shopify may spend money on a course on how to generate more ecommerce sales with Facebook ads.

To be in a profitable niche is to follow demonstrated cashflows.

If You Ask About My Wedding Date I"ll Slap You-Ruth Kadiri

Nollywood Actress, screenwriter and producer, Ruth Kadiri has jokingly told her fans to stop bothering her about "getting married". 

The 30-year old Nollywood star shared a picture and jokingly wrote;

Dear friends and family epp yourselves and give yourselves sense. All those questions like sis Caro when are u getting married Aunty monika you never born And unholy show offs on ig just to Pepere others should stop: anybody that dares ask me about my wedding date again ehn, na slap � I go give u receive sense.�����


See The Officer Who Broke 20 Year Old Record At Armed Forces Command College

A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) officer, Squadron Leader Fredrick Oyenusi, on Friday won the prestigious “Tie of Merit", awarded to only distinguished student of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), Jaji, who obtains a ‘B’ grade.

According to reports, Squadron Leader Oyenusi’s feat, which had not been recorded for over 20 years, was recognized during the graduation ceremony of Senior Staff Course 40, which took place at AFCSC Jaji yesterday, 26 July 2018.

Squadron Leader Oyenusi also won 4 additional awards namely the Best in Tri-Service Terms, Best Commandant’s Paper, Best Director’s Paper in the Directorate of Air Warfare (DAW) and the First in order of Merit in DAW.

The senior NAF officer, who is a C-130H aircraft pilot, holds 2 Masters degrees; one in Aerospace Vehicle Design and the other in Safety Engineering, both from 2 different universities in the United Kingdom, namely Cranfield University and University of Aberdeen respectively.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who was the Special Guest of Honour at the Graduation Ceremony, congratulated Oyenusi and other graduating students as he charged them to apply the knowledge they had acquired to make honest and useful contributions to national development


Chinese Smartphone Oppo's Working On A Wireless Charging Mode

Chinese smartphone oppo's working on a wireless charging mode.

Chinese cell phone producer Oppo is chipping away at its own particular remote charging technique.
A week ago, amid a visit to Oppo's manufacturing plant and base camp in Shenzhen, China, the organization uncovered its future arrangement for remote charging.

The Chinese player affirmed that their remote charging innovation is at present a work in progress at the organization's innovative work (Research and development) offices. Despite the fact that Oppo did not uncover when would we be able to expect the organization's remote charging innovation to be monetarily accessible in the market, it said the accessibility of its remote charging in the market relies upon clients' request and the organization's advertising methodology. Revealing insight into specialized details of remote charging, Oppo said the most extreme voltage to accomplish the standard remote charging speed is 7.5W, which is equal to 5V/1A chargers at present accessible in the market.

In spite of the fact that Oppo recognized that hypothetically, remote charging can accomplish the greatest charging pace of a standard 5V/2A (10W) quick charger, there are some specialized issues that should be tended to like overheating and movability.

Oppo said both VOOC Streak Charge and remote charging are heading in two unique ways and in future, it is wanting to develop the separation between the two and furthermore give them more power. Tending to challenges of remote charging, the organization said remote charging is presently only a future heading for the organization.
"Right now, we have a considerable measure of specialized bottlenecks on it. As should be obvious, there is no speed or different sorts of focal points," said Oppo officials.

While remote charging will probably turn out to be monetarily accessible later on with forthcoming Oppo lead cell phones, it stays to be perceived how the organization figures out how to handle a portion of the specialized challenges.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed says the on-going face-off between National Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole and Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige will be resolved amicably.

The minister gave the assurance when he fielded questions from State House correspondents after the meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Wednesday.

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiohmole, had on July 23 threatened to expel the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, or any minister who failed to inaugurate members of board of parastatals under their supervision from the party.

However, Ngige, in a statement by the Director of Press, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Samuel Olowookere, said those that said he had not inaugurated the Board of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) because he was awarding contracts were ignorant of the Procurement Act.

The Minister of Information, who also spoke on Tuesday’s defection of some members of the National Assembly from the ruling APC to Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), said the issue was not discussed during the cabinet meeting.

He said that President Buhari had already stated that the defectors were at liberty to belong to any political party in line with democratic tenets.

He noted that the APC was in firm control at the National Assembly, in spite the defections at the two chambers of the Assembly.

“The governing party, the All Progressives Congress APC is still having the majority in both chambers of the National Assembly,’’ he said.

Mohammed also reminded Nigerians on the danger of spreading fake news.

African Zoo Parades Donkey As Zebra After Painting It In Black And White Colours

African zoo parades donkey as zebra after painting it in black and white

An African zoo in Cairo, Egypt is currently under fire after parading a donkey as a zebra to visitors, by painting it black and white.

The animal sanctuary in the Egyptian capital’s International Garden municipal park has recently opened but one visitor spotted something odd about one exhibit.

Student Mahmoud A. Sarhani visited the zoo on July 21 and took pictures of the odd looking zebra.

The creature had unusually long ears and lacked the distinctive mane usually present on the African beasts.

A closer inspection revealed the equine creature was in fact a strategically painted ass.

Mahmoud shared a photo of the “zebra” on Facebook and the post quickly went viral in Egypt.

Local media in the North African country covered the bizarre incident with a lot of local vets confirming the animal was a donkey.

In another related news, A Zoo in Northern Mexico was able to develop a rare zebra-donkey cross in 2014.

The Reynosa Zoo in Mexico welcomed the Zonkey, named Khumba, which was born on April 21.

His mother is a zebra called Rayas, while his father is Ignacio, a dwarf albino donkey who lives on a nearby farm.

Rayas used to visit Ignacio every afternoon and the donkey would also cross into the zoo to see her.

Eventually the zebra got pregnant, surprising the zoo staff.

Khumba is a rare case in the animal world because the zebra and donkey chromosomes are not usually compatible.

U.S. Closely Watching Nigeria’s Political Developments – Diplomat

The United States of America on Wednesday said it is carefully watching the developments in Nigeria’s politics.

The U.S. government said it strongly believes in elections and democratic process globally including in Nigeria.

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, David Youn‎g, made his government’s position known to journalists in Kaduna.

Mr Young also called for neutrality of the police and other security agencies in the country.

According to him, his country believes democratic process goes hand in hand with basic freedoms and fair treatment for all according to the rule of law.

‎”We are all watching very carefully the political development in Nigeria in the last two days,” he said in apparent reference to the defection of dozens of federal lawmakers from Nigeria’s ruling party, APC, on Tuesday.

There were also instances of security siege on the two presiding officers of the Senate on Tuesday, ostensibly to prevent them from presiding over the Senate on that day. Senate President Bukola Saraki eventually maneuvered his way to the Senate where he presided over the defection of 14 senators, majority to the opposition PDP. His deputy, Ike Ekweremadu could not due to the siege on his home.

“I want to reiterate very strongly the United States Government’s position about elections and democratic process. This ‎implies in Nigeria and indeed all around the world,” Mr Young said.

“In all countries, my country believes very strongly that democratic process goes hand in hand with basic freedoms and fair treatment for all according to the rule of law.

“So, importantly, matters of rule of law goes hand in hand with transparency and justice which include neutrality of police and security agencies.

“Again, United State is a partner with Nigeria and we strongly believe in the principles of free, fair, transparent and credible democratic process and elections‎ before, during and after elections,” he said.

Mr Young was on a fact finding trip to Zamfara, Plateau and Kaduna states over the ongoing security challenges in those areas.


Kwankwaso's Supporter Drinks Muddy Water After His Defection (Photos)

Man 'drinks' muddy water to show support for Senator Kwankwaso over his defection from APC

As shares on Facebook, by Jaridar Dimokuradiyya

"Daga shafin Salisu Ibrahim Kwa
Duk Chikin Farin Chikin Komawar Mai Girma Jagora Sen Kwankwaso PDP Yasa Matashi Dan Gwagwarmaya Abba Alka Yasha Ruwa kasa"

Translated; "From the Testimonials of Ibrahim All
All of you are happy with a great leader, sen. Kwankwaso, may God grant you a long life and prosperity".


The J3 Sisters: Meet Jare Ijalana, And Joba, Jomiloju, Her Sisters (Photos)

Some official photographs of a 4-year-old Nigerian girl, are currently trending on social media, and have received accolades from virtually everyone who has come across it.

The internet sensation, Baby Jare, is one of the three siblings that lifestyle/portrait photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, took an interest in and involved in a professional shoot.

As soon as the beautiful photos emerged online, many social media users who were wowed with the beauty of the child, quickly described her as the 'most beautiful girl in the world'.

Bamuyiwa who took to her Instagram page and shared the latest photos wrote:
I’m pretty excited and elated about my new style of child portraiture. Before I thought of Photographing the @the_j3_sisters , I have had frivolous ideas of how I can make artsy portraits of kids And do away from the norm .
The opportunity came and I had to take a bold step to express my ideas of how I want to take portraits of kids.

I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless. I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes.
Posing them as adults ! Was my trick to create it a timeless portrait. J A R E , when you clock 21 remember to do same pose and style."


Obasanjo Names Salisu Buhari, Tinubu And Atiku As Leaders Who Failed Nigeria

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has listed some politicians who he described as younger generation of leaders that have failed Nigerians.

He listed Atiku Abubakar, former Governors Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Deprieye Alamieseigha, Lucky Igbinedion of Lagos, Bayelsa and Edo states respectively, as well as former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari.

Obasanjo said this at the 4th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan, in collaboration with African Sustainable Development Network, Ibadan on Tuesday.

While responding to issues of poor leadership in Africa, He condemned the younger generation of leaders, saying they had poor performance record in terms of integrity and probity.

He stressed that after 53 years of independence, Nigeria had no leader that can be recommended.

“During my administration as President, we had some people who were under 50 years in leadership positions. One of them was Alamieseigha, where is he today? Lucky Igbinedion, where is he today?

“The youngest was the Speaker, Buhari, you can still recall what happened to him.

“You said Bola Tinubu is your master; what Buhari did was not anything worse than what Bola Tinubu did. We got Buhari impeached.

“But in this part of the world, some people covered up the other man. The man claimed he went to Government College, Ibadan, but the Governor of Oyo State then went to Government College and packed all the documents so that they would not know that he did not go there.

“I wanted someone who would succeed me, so I took Atiku. Within a year, I started seeing the type of man Atiku is. And you want me to get him there?

“I once went to Tanzania because Julius Nyerere recognised Biafra. He told me not to mind his aides and others in government. They would say they have one house in town, but their five-year-old sons and daughters would have houses all over.

“Some of you who are condemning the leadership would get there tomorrow and it will be a different story. Only very few are actually good.

“Abacha, my predecessor, got $750 million. Through our lawyer in Switzerland we recovered $1.25 billion and the lawyer still said there is probably still another $1 billion to be recovered.

“In 1979 we had 20 new ships specially built for Nigeria. When I came back 20 years after, the national shipping line had liquidated.

“The whole thing is not just about leadership. If we talk about good leadership, you should also talk about good followers. If you talk about human rights, you should also talk about human duties and obligations.

“Then we are jinxed and cursed; we should all go to hell. The problem in Africa is that when one person takes over he would not see any good thing that his predecessor did. Let us condemn but with caution,” Obasanjo said.

$100m Aircraft Maintenance Facility Rots Away In Akwa Ibom Since 2012

Six years after the construction of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility by the Akwa Ibom State Government, the facility is yet to be put to use by the country.

The project cost the state government about $100m to construct and equip.

The facility, commissioned in December 2012 by Godswill Akpabio when he was Governor, was to cater to maintenance on Boeing 737 aircraft, which is about 70 per cent of commercial airplanes by indigenous airline operators, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft.

A source close to the state government told SaharaReporters that the government initiated the project as a joint venture with the Federal Government, but the government at the centre during the construction of the project refused to fulfill its own part of the agreement and didn’t provide the rewuired counterpart funding.

A government source in Akwa Ibom told our correspondent that the state government had planned to reduce capital flight with the construction of the facility, but was surprised at the turn of event.

SaharaReporters was at the airport on Friday and observed that most of the facilities installed for the project were rotting away due to lack of usage. Some of the facilities were not fully installed due to lack of partnership with a technical company on the usage of the facility.

It was gathered that Akpabio, as Governor, had travelled to Canada in search of a technical partner but could not secure any before he left office, while the current state government has shown little or no interest in the project.

“The State Government spent about $100m on the construction of the MRO facility. At the initial stage of the project, it was supposed to be a partnership between the state and federal governments; the government was expected to deliver its own counterpart funding to the contractors, which never happened.

“The facility is huge and can take two wide body aircraft, Boeing 747s or four Boeing 737s, with all the dormitories, the spacing and the equipment and all the configurations that will make for effective aircraft maintenance. But it is rotting away in the country while our airlines go abroad for aircraft maintenance."

Further investigations by our correspondent revealed that in 2016, global MRO spend by airlines was $65bn, with $3.2bn of the funds from African airlines and $1.1bn by western airlines.

The breakdown of MRO markets indicated that North America had 30 per cent, Asia Pacific 28 per cent, Europe 26 per cent, Middle East and South America 6 per cent each, and Africa a paltry 4 per cent within the period.

Airlines with MRO facilities in Africa are Air Algerie Technics, EgyptAir Maintenance & Engineering, Ethiopian Airlines MRO, Royal Air Maroc, South African Airways Technical and TunisAir Technics while Aero Contractors opened its MRO facilities for Boeing 737 classic aircraft alone about three months ago.

Engr. Charles Ajayi, an viation professional and member of the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE), lamented that six years after completion of the facility, it is yet to be put to use.

Ajayi said that the usage of the MRO would have gone a long way in creating a conducive environment for players in the industry.

He also explained that for Nigerian airlines to measure up to their foreign counterparts, the government has a major role to play just like other countries like the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, India and China have done in recent times.

The construction of the MRO facilities, Ajayi noted, would create jobs for professionals in the industry while increasing the country's Gross Domestic Products (GDP).

"The government really needs to assist, but every time we talk about this, people will say it is capital intensive and they can’t go into it. But the issue is, how did the other countries realise the importance of such facilities, and went into it?

“The Federal Government had at some point shown interest in the maintenance hangar and wanted to make it a national hangar, and it was also part of the John Obakpolor recommendation, which came shortly after the Dana Air crash.

“Some people have come to look at it, like Lufthansa Technik and some groups are beginning to talk to the state government. But, of course, this opportunity was also thrown open to Bombardier because Bombardier has over 40 aircraft in the country right now, so the facility is a major hangar for aircraft maintenance. So we need collaboration. This is a big facility waiting for Nigerians to take advantage of.”


Ogunbiyi Files Petition Against Adeleke, Wants PDP To Declare Him Candidate

An aspirant in the just-concluded Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primary election in Osun, Akin Ogunbiyi, has called on the party’s leadership to declare him winner.

Ogunbiyi told newsmen on Monday in Abuja that he was at the party’s National Secretariat to petition the leadership over the primary that produced Sen. Ademola Adeleke as the flag-bearer for the September 22 poll.

Ogunbiyi narrowly lost to Adeleke, polling 1,562 votes as against 1,569 votes by the latter.

In his reaction, Adeleke urged other contenders to work with him.

The lawmaker urged all aggrieved aspirants to join hands with him to reclaim the state from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He particularly urged Ogunbiyi to “come on board,”, and congratulated him for “his hard-fighting team and for running a good and impressive campaign’’.

But in a petition addressed to the Chairman, Gubernatorial Electoral Appeal Panel of the PDP, the aspirant said that 42 voided votes and 128 unaccounted votes were for him.

He added that the total votes he garnered at the poll were 1,732.

“I, Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, having polled the highest number of votes in the primary election of July 21, be declared the validly nominated and elected PDP governorship candidate for the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Osun.”

He also called for the disqualification of Adeleke based on the faulted process of the primary.

“Contrary to Section 30, Sub-Section `E’ of the Electoral Guidelines for primary election 2018, the total number of delegates accredited was not announced before the commencement of voting.”

Ogunbiyi alleged that document submitted by Adeleke as evidence of his educational qualification up to school certificate level did not meet the basic qualification stipulated by the 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act.

“The Principal of Muslim Grammar School, Ede, Mr Khalid Abbas, who purportedly signed the testimonial had not been posted to the school in question as at the date indicated on the document.

“The principal has denied ever issuing or signing it and the denial is very well on record.”

Buhari Meets Kwankwaso, Other Senators In Aso Rock

Against the backdrop of police summons for Senate President Bukola Saraki, President Muhammadu Buhari has met with some senators led by Rabiu Kwankwaso in an apparent bid to convince them to remain in the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

The senators were sighted at the presidential villa, Abuja on Monday night along with Jigawa State governor, Abubakar Badaru.

Kwankwaso representing Kano State is also believed to be on the verge of leaving the APC having fallen out with his state governor and former protege, Umar Ganduje.

There had been reports that Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, were to meet with the president and Vice President’s Yemi Osinbajo last Sunday over the same issue but the meeting did not materialize.

Saraki, who has hinted that he was considering his future in the APC, has again been summoned by the Inspector General of Police to appear at the office of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory (FCT), over his alleged linkage to the wide-ranging robbery operation that resulted in the death of 33 people in Offa, Kwara State in April.


Salisu Yusuf Caught Receiving Bribe On Camera

Chief coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria Salisu Yusuf has been caught on camera taking N360, 000 from fake football agents who wanted him to select two players for the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN).

As the chief coach of the Super Eagles, Yusuf is in charge of the Super Eagles home-based side and an assistant to Gernot Rohr for the Super Eagles.

He was in charge of the Super Eagles Team B to the 2017 WAFU and 2018 CHAN where they lost in both finals.

In an investigation led by Ghanaian journalists Anas Aremeyaw, reporters posing as football agents for some players approached Yusuf in September 2017 for a conversation about players’ selection.

During the conversation, they handed the Nigerian coach N360, 000 ($1000) and alluded to more cash incentives if he selects their players for CHAN 2018 which held in Morocco.

The clip has been made public by BBC African Eye.

“So if anything goes through and these players are able to get their contracts, you will get 15% of that contract,” one of the reporters posing as an agent told Yusuf to which he replied; “they will be in CHAN.”

The two players were eventually selected for CHAN 2018 although the investigation stated that there is no suggestion that the money given to Yusuf influenced the selection.

Although he told the reporters that team selection is based solely on performances, Yusuf, a top Nigerian coach will be facing the wrath of FIFA, CAF and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Indonesian Baby Born With 2 Faces: 2-Month-Old Boy Has An Extra Face And Brain

A baby has been born in Indonesia with two faces because his conjoined twin did not develop properly in the womb.

Two-month-old Gilang Andika, from Batam, a city in Indonesia about 20 miles (32km) across the sea from Singapore, has two faces and two brains but just one head.

The complication has left him looking disfigured and suffering from a potentially fatal brain condition, which is causing fluid to build up.

Although he has just one body with two arms and two legs, Gilang is technically a conjoined twin – a condition which affects one in every 250,000 births.

On his head he has the face and brain of a sibling which did not grow its own body in the womb, because their mother's egg did not completely split in two during pregnancy.

His parents, Ernilasari and Mustafa, now desperately want help to save their son's life after local doctors told them they were unable to operate.


Actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo All Smiles As He Rocks All White Outfit

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo is all smiles as he rocks all white and he is sure ageing with grace, looking effortlessly handsome as always.


When Who You Want Does Not Want You.

There is nothing as painful and as embarrassing as rejection especially from someone you strongly desire...some find it difficult to cope with rejection and they tend to see themselves as inferior to whoever rejects them....some will start asking themselves questions like "was it my behaviour?,or what i said..could it be because I'm not fluent or the way I dress...but it has nothing to do with all these....that person may still reject you even at your best.

But as painful as it may appear I believe this is perfectly normal and should not be a reason for anyone to feel bad or insecure in anyway.

The truth of the matter is that everyone out there has a preference and this does not mean you are less better than who they want.

Some ladies can't stand a short guy,And some don't mind at all...some ladies love dark guys and some can do anything to be with a fair complexioned guy...some ladies only date men with very wide age gap while some can't date any guy beyond their age group.ladies just love crazy things about guys like beards,bow leg,pink lips,six pack,stammering,shyness,financial stability and so on and if you don't fit in there is absolutely nothing you can do than to try your luck somewhere else rather than making it a do or die thing.

As a lady,You are beautiful in your own unique way but that guy you so much desire might not even bother his head about you just because you are not what he wants...

Some guys love booty while some love tits...some love them big while some can die for a petite lady...some don't mind single mums while some guys can't date such....and the list goes on...

The epitome of this write up is to let you know that no matter how you look,no matter your condition or situation,you are not just going to be what some people want and at the same time,you are exactly what some people out there are praying and hoping for and the fact that you are rejected by someone does not mean thousands out there don't want someone like you.

It's all about preference...


Man Escapes From Court Room, Jumps Into Canal To Evade Trial


There was a mild drama at the court after a suspected robber, Mr. Segun Mabaoreje, suddenly escaped from the court room in Lagos, fled and jumped into a canal to escape trial.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at the Magistrates court sitting in Ejigbo, Lagos, where the suspect, Mr. Mabaoreje was brought for arraignment.

However, he met his match as both the court officials and the security men pursued him. The security men dived into the canal, apprehended and brought him back to the court room where he was eventually arraigned.

The prosecutor, Inspector G. Simon, prepared another charge and he was arraigned to attempting to escape for the offence.

The Presiding Magistrate, Mr. L.K.J. Layeni, did not grant him bail as his attempted escape happened in his presence.

He ordered that the suspect be remanded in prison custody and adjourned till 6th August, 2018, when he will be brought to court for the offence he had committed before he attempted escape from the court.

The suspect was arrested by the police at Igando Division for burglary and attempt to steal before he was caught.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at 15 Showunmi Street in Egan area of Lagos.

Mr. Mabaoreje was not the only suspected that had tried such in the past, another suspect tried to escape in the same court but he failed, was charged and remanded in prison. 

It was also gathered that a young suspect was brought to Ogba Magistrates court; he jumped from the court’s three storey building and died on the spot in his attempt to escape.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that after Mr Mabaoreje was re-arrested, he said was afraid to go to prison and that was why he tried to escape but failed. He said he was told that the prison was a death trap and that he may not survive if he was taken there. 

However, his claim was debunked by prison officials who said that the prison was not all that terrible as it remained a correction centre with modern facilities.

Femi Kuti Slams Charly Boy For Becoming A Gay Rights Activist

Femi Kuti took to Instagram to slam CharlyBoy for his new found role as a gay rights activist. 

See what Femi wrote 


Stranded Men Meet Fulani Herdsman In Abuja. See What Happened. Photo

A man has revealed what happened to him and his colleague after they were stranded while on an assignment in Abuja. According to George Haaga, he and his colleague were stranded following a heavy rainfall before a Fulani herdsman came to their aid and gave them shelter as he made them comfortable in his hut.

George took to Facebook to hail the Fulani man. He wrote;

Yesterday heavy rain caught my colleague and I on assignment in a community in Abuja. This fulani man gave us shelter and ensured that we were comfortable in his little hut. This herdsman served us with milk from the udder of his cows. We spoke extensively with the fulaniman about the herdsmen /farmers crisis while the rain continued to fall and our welcome lasted, he felt bitter about it.

This good fulani man said they are not the ones carrying out the attacks and how he would love to sleep at night with his two eyes closed but he can't for fear of being attacked. The fulani man prays for a better and peaceful Nigeria. Let us pray.


'I Spread HIV Because I Can't Die Alone' - Man Who Raped 24 Women

An unidentified man has shocked viewers all over the world after confessing that he has raped 24 women and is HIV Positive.

The man who was interviewed by a BBC correspondent openly stated that he had forcefully slept with close to 24 women and was happy spreading the HIV virus because he did not want to die alone.


Biggest Dogs In Nigeria Thread (Photos)

One might say, how possible is this? But the truth is that, getting to know the biggest dogs in Nigeria took months of investigations, interviews and observations(comparing and contrasting).
I am going to list out some of the biggest dogs in Nigeria, so you see for yourself. If you have any reason why any of them shouldn’t be regarded as one of the biggest dogs in Nigeria, feel free to comment.
Also, if it seems like you’ve got something(a dog) bigger and is worthy to be among the list of the biggest dogs in Nigeria. Feel free to drop your suggestions. Once confirmed the said dog 
automatically qualifies to be in the next list of the biggest dogs in Nigeria.
One thing that surprises me is the fact that these dogs(biggest dogs in Nigeria) all fell into a particular breed type.

The breed- Caucasian Shepherd Dog.
In a nutshell : The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a strong willed, loyal, fearless dog. It is a formidable guard dog who is only suitable really to protect property such as large commercial estates, in prisons and by the Military. They have been guarding livestock such as sheep in Caucasia (the mountains between The Black Sea and The Caspian Sea) for at least 600 years.
During this time, the breed haven’t changed too much. In fact, their teeth are longer than any other breed which hints at their ancient past.
The Caucasian Ovcharka (as it’s also known) are natural protectors who will readily fight and take down any intruders be it human, wolves or even bears.


Olapade Okunola, RCCG Pastor Wins Accord Party Governorship Ticket In Osun

Ahead of Sept. 22 Osun governorship election, Mr Olapade Okunola, a Pastor at Redeemed Christian Church of God , has been declared winner of Accord Party primary election.

Alhaji Dokun Babarinde, who is the returning officer, while announcing the results on Sunday in Osogbo , said Okunola polled 141 votes to defeat his closet rival, Mr Babatunde Loye, who polled 58 votes.

Babarinde, who is also the South-West Vice Chairman of the party said another aspirant, Mr Bunmi Ibiloye, polled 12 votes.

He said that 215 delegates were accredited, while 211 delegates voted and four others abstained.

Babarinde urged the winner to be magnanimous in victory.

In his acceptance speech Okunola appealed to his co-contestants to support him in winning the election.

Also speaking, Chief Segun Fanibe, the Accord party State chairman, congratulated the winner, saying all three contestants are qualified to govern the state.

Fanibe, implored those who are yet to get their permanent voter cards to get it and cast their votes for the party.

Violence, Sex Mar Mayorkun’s Concert In Ibadan, Davido Bouncer Beats Journalist

What would have been a great concert by Mayorkun, yesterday, at the Palms Mall, Ibadan, was marred by cases of violence and reckless sexual intercourses by his fans.

According to reports, an invited journalist attached to NostoryTV, was mercilessly beaten by Davido’s bodyguard and had to be rushed to UCH to be revived.

It was gathered that the journalist had approached Davido for an interview, but with just few steps to getting to where the singer was, the journalist was dragged by his bodyguard and punched, before being beaten till he lost consciousness, even with his evident access tag. .

Thankfully, the victim was revived at UCH, but he had his equipment damaged and was left with a swollen face. Many pieces of used condoms were also spotted all over the event ground as people had sex with reckless abandon, while the concert was going on.

Re: Nigerian Celebrities Cover Nicson Africa Mag, Share Their Love Stories

If any thing be considered most important in human existence love should be placed at fore front. Love is a thing we cannot put away from human society. Man from origin was created out of love and he has continued to live to love. NICSON AFRICA MAGAZINE in this love edition selected number of celebrities who share their views and love stories and lots of experiences they have about love. We have Uche Ogbodo, Uche Elendu, Anita Joseph, Destiny Etiko, Princess Ex bigbrother housemate, Sandra Ikeji and Sheliroy sharing their love stories to Nicsonafrica.com


We shall start with a little introduction. First we all already know your real name Uche Ogbodo AKA the sexy goddess but where you are from and where did you grow up ? I’m from Akpugo In Nkanu LGA Of Enugu state. I was born and Bred In Enugu .

Do you believe in Love at first Sight?

I don’t believe in Love at first Sight! That poo is overrated. Nothing like it . It is brain Wash �



We shall start with a little introduction. First we all already know your real name Anita Joseph, but where are you from and where did you grow up ?

Am from anambra state Nsugbe.

The challenges you feel people are facing loving this days because people keep complaining of lack of love etc and solutions to this problems.

Lack of patience, trust and submission
Are the challenges people are facing loving this days. Just be a woman and not a king.

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Tapping my bum



We shall start with a little introduction. First we all already know your real name Uche Elendu but where are you from and where did you grow up ?

Well, I am from Isukwuato Lga in Abia state and I grew up in Lagos with my parents and siblings, I attended primary school in lagos, but went to the east, owerri precisely for my secondary and university education.

Do you believe in Love at first Sight?

To me, Love at first sight is a risk. There’s a popular quote that says Not all that glitters is gold. It mainly has to do with looks and outward appearances. The person might turn out to be a well behaved person or not, but for one to fall in love with such a person will mean he/she is willing to take the risk of the outcome of it all.

Would you give up your career, or take a break from your career for love ?

I can take a break from my career, but my career is who I am, so giving it up totally shouldn’t be considered.



How was growing up like?

“Growing up was cool it was really much cool. I was living together with my family and it was just cool nothing much. We grew up in a cool environment – not so big not so small, in a middle class of life and I was fine. I was very cool with that.”

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

(Laughs) the truth is that I have met many people who love me. these fans loves and appreciate me. Even when I travelled to Ghana I have got some fans that not allowed me to rest. They kept taking me aroundmaking me happy and all tha, but the one that is a shocker to me till now was a guy I met when I went to Ghana. He said, Destiny I love you and I replied, I love you too. He laid down after signing authorgraph and said I should step on him. I said excuse me! and he said I should step on him tha that is the only way he should be happy. I said how can I step on you? I can actually hug you but not stepping on you that is disrespectful and he said no that he want his white shirt get dirty by me. Then when he get home or wherever he’s going anyone who sk him he will the person that it is his lover Destiny that stepped on his cloth and he is so happy with it and he will still wear the cloth the next morning. I have never imagined that. I have never seen that before. So I think that’s actually the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to me.



how do u suggest People should Handle there love life together with There career, which has been a big problem for lots of celebrities.

It’s all about balance and having an understanding spouse who knows what it means to be married to a celebrity and as much as possible, no area of your life should suffer for the other one.

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

My biggest fear is the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of life.



Who is your inspiration?
inspiration Linda Ikeji she is a power woman with so much zeal and aspirations, I admire her hard work dedication and affluence . so I look up to her..
Do you believe in Love at first Sight?
I believe in love at any sight. lol. Love is sweet. Love at first was how I met my Man, the moment I saw him, I grabed a mutual friend and told her to introduce us. Lol.
Would you give up your career, or take a break from your career for love ?
I believe so much in love but giving up a booming career is not what I would consider. Apart of my event company Events by SI, I also own a modelling agency called Blackdove models which I have running for over a decade, imagine abandoning the company because I found love. Lol. IMPOSSIBLE or Impossicant in Zebudaya’s voice, I mean am not against those that have done it, as long as you think it feels good then wowsa good for you. A man that would want you to abandon your dreams to be with him probably doesn’t deserve you. Taking a break Yes I can, for love, for family yes I can definitely take a break if necessary .
How necessary is Love ? or let me say positive things love has brought to your life.

Love has brought happiness to me, in terms of health and wealth, it has also kept me sane. Now I’m not only talking about Romance, am talking about love in general.



where are you from and where did you grow up ?

I’m from the South South of Nigeria (Delta State) “Urhobo” precisely, but my mum (both parents are late) was from the Western part of Nigeria (Ibadan, Oyo State). I grew up on the Island of Lagos (Lagos Island, Obalende, Ikoyi).

As a celeb of your level, how was growing up like?

Growing up for me was educating. Tough, rough, rugged & raw. I’m not trying to rhyme here (laughs). But regardless of the ups & downs, smiles & frowns, I’m thankful to God. All that matters now is the future, & I wish for more greatness. (Smiles)

Your latest Single Denge Pose its really buzzing everywhere, how do you feel about the postive response you being getting since you released it.

I feel so great, I’m thankful, Ultimate God never seize to bless man (smiles).


Father Mbaka Attacks Buhari: 'Disaster Is Coming, Angels Warming Up For You'

I am currently listening to Rev. Mbaka's live message today titled 'disaster is cominh'.Here are some excerpts from the message.....

1.President Buhari,a former coup plotter has no reason not to stop the ongoing killings in the country.He has no reason to not have identified the killers.

2.According to him,had it been that it was Imams that were killed in Benue or Plateau,he would have attended the burials.He has no reason not to have attended the burials of those killed in Benue.Supernatural disaster is coming.Angels are already warming up.Nigerians should not worry.One day there will be vacancy from Abuja.The jet will park and nobody will use it unless they repent.

3.He said that Buhari has declared 2019 presidential ambition as if he knows what will happen between now and Christmas.He said he is just a microphone,speaking as directed by God.Anybody who plans to attack him because of his message will fail.

4. He also said that when Buhari was ill,he spent months in abroad.When his son had accident,he travelled outside.But when a mere Nigerian is ill,he gets treatment from our poorly equipped hospitals.The senators who would have intervened were silent because they need favour from Buhari. 

4. He said when the disaster comes,President Buhari will cry.According to him,Buhari is like an egg.The sheep are crying while the shepherd is doing nothing.A shepherd is meant to empathic 

5. He urged all the people closer to Buhari and senators to pass the information to them.

6.He also said that PDP want to come back after 16yrs of misrule.He told them to bury their head in shame,kneel down and beg Nigerians. They have no reasons to come back.

7. He also said that the amount of looting ongoing in Buhari's administration as revealed spiritually is too much.

These are the few I could remember

Ekiti Workers Give Fayose 14-day Ultimatum To Clear Unpaid Salaries

Ekiti workers have issued a fourteen-day ultimatum to Governor Ayo Fayose to pay all arrears of salaries and pension of retirees.

Acting under the aegis of Ekiti State Organized Labour, they said the Fayose government must clear all arrears of workers’ entitlements before a new government takes office on October 16.

The workers’ demand were contained in a bulletin issued on Saturday, Daily Post reports

Their demands also include payment of over seven months deduction, payment nine month arrears to local government workers and primary school teachers.

They also advocated payment of eleven months and six months pensions to local government pensioners and state government pensioners respectively.

The bulletin reads:

“Workers in the public service of Ekiti State have been suffering over the years with nobody to rescue them in relation to payment of salaries, pensions and other benefits.

“The import of this is that the condition of service of an average worker in Ekiti is deplorable or poor despite the huge funds allocated to Ekiti State from the Federation Account between 2014 to date.

“In view of the present development in the state occasioned by the result of the governorship election, it has become necessary to assess the implication on welfare of workers vis-à-vis the arrears of unpaid salaries.

“In order to avoid a situation whereby the incoming government may wish to foot drag on the payment of the arrears of salaries on the premise that the organized labour was inept to the payment of same by the outgoing government thus amounting t a huge financial burden on the new government.

“The state government is hereby given a 14-day ultimatum to meet these demands.”

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Officially Launched With 5500mah Battery - Full Specifications

After much anticipation, leaked images, rumoured specs and official teasers, Xiaomi has finally launched the long awaited Mi Max 3. The new device is a full upgrade from its predecessor which is the Mi Max 2.

The new Mi Max 3 sports a 6.9-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080-pixel and an 18:9 aspect ratio. It runs on MIUI 9.5 which is based on the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, but a MIUI 10 update is expected to start rolling out soon.

The device is powered by Qualcomm's mid range Snapdragon 636 chipset with an Octa-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz. The Mi Max 3 is available in 2 memory variants. You can either get it with a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage or with a 6GB RAM and a 128GB storage.

In terms of camera, the Max 3 features dual rear AI-assisted cameras with a primary 12-megapixel and a secondary 5-megapixel. It also sports an 8-megapixel front facing camera which also supports face unlock. The Mi Max 3 is powered by a massive 5500mAh battery which is a slight upgrade from the 5300mAh on the last generation Max 2. 

The Phablet is available in three color options which are Black, Champagne Gold, and Blue. The base model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage will sell at a starting price of ¥1,699 ($250), while the much higher version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage will go for ¥1,999 ($300). For now, the Mi Max 3 is limited to China, but sales is expected to extend to India, Europe and a few other countries soon. 

Below is the full specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 specifications
>> 6.9in Full-HD+ (2160x1080, 403ppi) 18:9 display
>> 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor
>> Adreno 509 GPU
>> 4/6GB RAM
>> 64/128GB storage, no microSD support
>> 12Mp + 5Mp dual-rear camera
>> 8Mp front facing camera with AI Face Unlock
>> Dual-SIM dual-standby (2x nano)
>> 4G FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B20
>> 802.11ac Wi-Fi
>> Bluetooth 5.0
>> USB-C
>> 5500mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0
>> MIUI 9.5 (Android 8.1 Oreo)
>> 176.15x87.4x7.99mm

>> 221g

Benue Killings: Gowon Faults Security Agents, Calls For Investigation Of Miyetti

Former Nigerian Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) on Saturday visited Benue state Governor Samuel Ortom in Makurd, the State capital.

The Elder Statesman visited the state to commiserate with the government and people of the Benue over the killings in the state which he feared was taking a religious dimension.

Speaking to journalists at the Government House in Makurdi, Gen. Gowon expressed disappointment over the handling of security situation in the country, calling for immediate questioning of the leaders of Miyetti Allah.

He, however, commended Governor Ortom and the Benue State government for the way the issue was being handled.

He said “I think security agencies should invite and question the leadership of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore who had earlier threatened to unleash violence on Benue State.

“I was out of the country when two priests and 17 worshipers were killed in a church in the state during a morning mass. I extend my condolences to the government and people of the state.

“I am sad and worried at the religious dimension the killings is assuming, the authorities should redouble their effort to deal with the security situation because if that is not done, the country could descend into a religious war, with no one coming out victorious.

“For us to survive as a nation; we must learn to live together as one regardless of ethnicity or religion.”

Welcoming the elder statesman, Governor Ortom, represented by his Deputy, Engr Benson Abounu thanked him for coming to commiserate with them and lending his voice for the federal government to take decisive actions to end the violence.

He disclosed that though the killings have reduced due to the change of tactics by the military who upgraded their operation in the state from “exercise cat race” to “operation whirl stroke,” the threat is not over yet as killings still go on in many places.”

Malnourished Lions At Port Harcourt Zoo. Nigerians React To Photo


How Cell Phones Damage Your Sperm Cells And Causes Infertility In Men

I quickly want to share with you what I learnt years back in one training session I attended. During the training session, the trainer collected a Nokia Hand Set with fully charged battery and then brought a fresh egg. He placed the egg and the handset together inside a polythene bag and then tied the bag, after which he told us to start calling the Hand Set Number..... Calling and Calling, Busy - Busy.

When the Hand Set battery completely drained down, he gave the phone to the owner and cracked the egg. Behold the egg was cooked! Done! We were surprised and asked for explanation. 

He told us that every handset emits Electromagnetic Rays which was the rays that was responsible for cooking of the egg. He also said that for device to be named "Hand Set by international bodies is not by accident, he said that it is never a Pocket Set

He went on to say that MEN have scrotum, an egg resemblance in between their legs. He admonished men to stop putting their hand set in their pockets, but to hold it on hand so that the radiation from it will not denature their spermatozoa and cook their scrotum. 

He also said further that by putting their hand set in their pocket close to their scrotum can cause them a serious health challenges especially Prostate Cancer and likewise infertility. One advise, do not take this lightly really, prevention is much better than cure. 

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