Flood displaces 15,000 in Makurdi ON AUGUST 27, 201711:20 PMIN 


 MAKURDI—NO fewer than 15,000 people have been reportedly sacked from their homes by an early morning rainstorm, yesterday, and a resultant flood that submerged over 2,000 houses in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, and its environs. The flood, the worst after that of 2012 when River Benue broke its banks, also swept away hundreds of millions of Naira worth of property and valuables in a downpour that lasted over four hours. Although no death has been reported, Vanguard gathered that the flood left in its wake tears, as many of the affected persons lost virtually all their valuables. The storm also washed away roads and drains, thereby cutting off some inhabitants off from the main town. The hardest hit areas are Achuasa Media Village, Wadata Rice Mill, Behind Police Zone Four, Larozone Nyiman Quarters, Judges Quarters, Gboko Road, Logo, New Bank Road, Abu, Shuluwa Road and the neighbourhood of Radio Benue, where all the houses in the community, including the transmitter of the state-owned radio station, were submerged. When Vanguard visited some of the affected areas, families were seen vacating their homes with a few belongings. Speaking on their experience, a father of four, John Terngu, who claimed he lost several items to the flood in Achusa, said apart from being a natural disaster, the devastation was made worst by blocked drainage and the erection of buildings on drainage channels. Terngu said: “Our people just build houses in areas that should be channels for excess water to flow to River Benue. “We are paying the price for their wrong and the negligence of the supervising authorities.”

BANGER ALERT! Popular Rapper “Vic O” Set To Drop The Diss Track He Made Because For Don Jazzy

Nigerian rapper, Vic O who threatened to drop a diss track that will surprise Don Jazzy if the Mavin record boss does not agree to work with him has finally record the Shii.
Vic O, who has been away from the music scene for a while, tweeted at Don Jazzy some days ago, telling him he’s a big fan and will like to work with him.
He gave him a one-week ultimatum to reply his tweet otherwise he will do a diss track targeted at the record producer.
So far, Don Jazzy is yet to reply and Vic O is counting down already and Guess what? Tomorrow is the D Day for the release of the Diss Track.
Checkout what Vico Shared online today:-

You all should expect the Fire  and the Bomb  tomorrow..
Don’t Jazzy go hear am.
Watch out

You Will Be Shocked To Find Out That You Don’t Know 99% Of These

There are some things you think you know but on the long run, you don’t.

Read the list below :-
1. The River Niger Bridge at Onitsha was constructed between 1964 and 1965 by Dumez- a French construction company and cost £5 million.
2. Patience Jonathan is one of Nigeria’s most-educated First Ladies, with an NCE, a B.Ed, and a PhD from University of Port-Harcourt.
3. The highest peak in Nigeria is located in Taraba and is called Chappal Waddi which means “The Mountain of Death”.
4. There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them.
5. The Pidgin word ‘Sabi’ came from ‘Saber’, Portuguese and Spanish for ‘to know’. Both country’s ships traded slaves from the Bight of Benin.
6. Katsina College (now Barewa College in Zaria) has produced 5 Nigerian Presidents/Heads of State since it was founded in 1921 in Katsina.
7. Ojukwu taught Murtala Mohammed and Ben Adekunle at Regular Officers Special Training School, Ghana. Both ‘fought’ their teacher during the civil war
8. At Nigeria’s independence in 1960, there were 41 Secondary Schools in the North and 842 Secondary Schools in the South.
9. In 1983, Senator Arthur Nzeribe spent $16.5 million to win a Senatorial seat in Orlu (in Imo State).
10. In 1973, the Federal Government of Nigeria considered officially changing the name of “Lagos” to “Eko”. Regarding “Lagos” as a colonial name.
11. The geographical area now referred to as Nigeria was once referred to as ‘Soudan’ and ‘Nigiritia’.
12. Offences punishable by death sentence after the 1966 coup included embezzlement, rape and homosexuality.
13. MKO Abiola was named Kashimawo (Let us wait and see) by his parents. He was his father’s twenty-third child, but the first to survive infancy.
14. Jaja Wachucku was the first person to refer to Lagos as a “no-man’s land” in 1947, provoking a national controversy.
15. Jollof rice, chicken breast, serve of ice cream, tea, coffee or Bournvita, with full cream milk and sugar: Meal Cost = 50Kobo- Unilag in the late 1970s
16. At the point death in 1989, Sam Okwaraji was a PhD candidate and qualified lawyer with an LL.M in International Law (University of Rome)
17. When British Bank of West Africa (now First Bank) opened a branch in Kano in 1929, Alhassan Dantata (Dangote’s Grandfather) opened an account depositing 20 camel-loads of silver coins.
18. Jaja Wachuku is reputed to have owned the biggest one-man library in West Africa. Balewa sometimes referred to him as “Most Bookish Minister
19. The colonization of Nigeria took more than 40 years to achieve and the territories were integrated by the use of force.
20. Yoruba is spoken as a ritual language the Santeria cult in Carribean and South-Central America.
21. Slavery existed in the Nigerian territory before the 15th century and was abolished in the 19th century- 1807 by the British.
22. At least 55 women were killed in South-East Nigeria, in 1929 when the women forced the Umuahia warrant chiefs to submit to their rule.
23. The coinage ‘Supreme Court’ was first used in 1863 by the colonial administration through the enactment of the Supreme Court Ordinance No. II.
24. MKO Abiola died suddenly on July 7, 1998, exactly one month after General Sani Abacha died mysteriously on June 8, 1998.
25. Agbani Darego was the only one to wear a maillot as opposed to a bikini during the Miss Universe contest in 2001.
26. The ‘Ankara’ material is not indigenous to Nigeria. Our indigenous textiles include the Akwete, Ukara, Aso-Oke and Adire.
27. Aloma Mukhtar is the first female lawyer from the North and went on to become the first female Chief Justice of Nigeria.
28. The area known as Makoro town in Lagos was first a swamp, later sand-filled by the colonial government and served as the first bridge to the Island.
29. Esie Museum is Nigeria’s first museum, established in 1945. Once reputed to have the largest collection of soapstone images in the world.
30. Aminu Kano formed the Northern Teachers’ Association (NTA) in 1948, the first successful regional organization in the history of the North.
31. George Goldie, who played a major role in founding Nigeria, placed a curse on anyone who attempts to write his biography.
32. In 1996, John Ogbu, a Nigerian Anthropologist firmly advocated for the use of African-American Vernacular to teach in the U.S
33. Hause Language indigenous to Northern Nigeria is spoken in 11 African States. Germany, French, U.S., and British International radio stations broadcast in Hausa.
34. The surgeon who ‘killed’ Stella Obasanjo was sentenced to 1 year in prison, disqualified for 3 years and fined €120,000.
35. The word ‘asiri’ means ‘secret’ in Hausa, Yoruba, Nupe and Igarra. It also means ‘gossip’ in Igbo.
36. Igbo-Ora in Oyo State, Kodinji in India and Candido Godoi in Brazil are the towns that produce the highest number of twin births in the world.
37. Bishop Ajayi Crowther, a Yoruba, in 1857 produced a reading book for the Igbo Language and a full grammar and vocabulary of NUPE in 1864.
38. The first TV broadcast in Nigeria and Tropical Africa was on October 31, 1959.
39. In 1978, a 50Kobo increase (from #1.50 to #2) in the cost of University Students’ meal per day caused the ‘Ali Must Go’ protests.
40. Albert E. Kitson discovered coal in Enugu in 1909. This discovery led to the building of Port-Harcourt town in 1912.
41. Today, only Nigeria has a larger black population than Brazil. More than 3.5 million Africans were captured, enslaved and transported to Brazil.
42. Groundnut pyramids were the invention of Alhaji Alhassan Dantata to stack bags before export.
43. In 1967, old traditional ruler, Oba Akran and A. Ademiluyi were jailed for 14 years (7 each) for stealing £504,750 (#2.5b).
44. Since 1960, Nigeria has been either ruled by an ex-lecturer/ex-teacher or military man. The only exceptions are Azikiwe and Shonekan.
45. If you visited Lagos in 1975, you could spend a day at the Presidential Suite of Federal Palace Hotel for #100, single room for #19.
46. The first aircraft to land in Nigeria landed in Kano in July 1925. A British fighter jet flew from Khartoum (present day Sudan).
47. In 1895, Koko of Nembe (now in Bayelsa) took 60 white men hostage. When the British refused his demands, more than 40 of those men were eaten.
48. The ‘Naira’ was coined by Chief Obafemi Awolowo when he was serving as the Federal Commissioner of Finance.
49. Koma Hill (settlement in Adamawa where people lived and practised the killing of twins) was discovered in 1986 by a NYSC corps member.
50. The pilot (Francis Osakwe) that flew Ojukwu away from Biafra (1970) was the same pilot that flew Gowon to Uganda (last flight as Head of State).
51. In 1986, Shehu Shagari was banned from participation in politics for life. The ban has still not been lifted.
52. As the wife of the deputy Head of State (Vice President of Nigeria) in 1984, Biodun Idiagbon personally ran a small ice cream shop in Ilorin..
53. Koma Hills (Adamawa State) inhabitants when discovered were observed to engage in the practise of borrowing wives among themselves.
54. Juju, Dashiki, Yam and Okra are words in the English dictionary that originated from ethnic groups located in present day Nigeria.
55. Nigeria has more English speakers than England, and more Muslims than Saudi Arabia and Syria

Solutions To Lost, Stolen Or Burnt Original WAEC Certificates

Are you a victim of lost, stolen, or burnt WAEC Original Certificate? The Original WAEC Certificate has been one of the most crucial document required of candidates seeking admission into higher institutions.

We have received so many calls, messages and emails on this topic, so we decided to clarify every individual on the Lost, Stolen or burnt Certificate.
According to the West African Examination Council Issuing of Original Certificate is done Once.
Candidates who lost or Misplaced their Original Certificate are to report to any WAEC Office in the State he or she sat for the examination and apply for “Attestation of Results”.
The Attestation of Result confirms that the indiviual registered and sat for the West African Senor School Certificate Examination [WASSCE].
The document can also be forwarded to the individual respective school by WAEC to verify

TSA: No hidden funds in Keystone Bank – Management

Keystone Bank Limited has denied concealing funds meant to be transferred into the Federal Government’s Treasury Single Account. The Federal High Court in Lagos had on Thursday ordered seven commercial banks to temporarily remit a total of $793.2m allegedly hidden by them in contravention of the Federal Government’s TSA policy.

But Keystone Bank, in a statement on Friday said, “In response to the news making the rounds that the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos had made an order directing Keystone Bank Limited to remit the sum of $17m allegedly illegally kept in its custody to the TSA, we wish to state that Keystone Bank has never illegally hidden any amount of money belonging to the Federal Government or any of its agencies. “Details of all Federal Government funds in custody of Keystone Bank had always been fully disclosed to all relevant Federal Government agencies and at no time did Keystone Bank collude or ‎conspire with any official of the Federal Government to disobey the Federal Government directives on the TSA. The lender informed its stakeholders that it would not conduct itself in breach of the laws or policies of the government, including the TSA policy. “We are taking appropriate steps to respond to the issues raised in the Court Order. The bank added.

BREAKING: Court Strikes Out FG’s Case Against Seven Banks

BREAKING: Court Strikes Out FG’s Case Against Seven Banks

The Federal High Court Sitting in Lagos has struck out a suit filed by the Federal Government against seven commercial banks to seek the remittance of the sum of $793,200,000 allegedly hidden with them in contravention of the Treasury Single Account policy, Channels Tv reports. Justice Chuka Obiozor struck out the suit on Wednesday morning and awarded a cost of N200,000 against FG and in favor of all the affected banks except Skye Bank which was not represented in court.

 More details later

ASUU set for nationwide indefinite strike

After an extensive deliberation that lasted three days, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has resolved to embark on an indefinite strike action.
The lecturers union held its meeting at the University of Abuja from Friday and has directed all her members against going to teach or involving themselves in any academic activity.
A statement signed by ASUU President, Biodun Ogunyemi, said all means of negotiation had been exploited before the decision on an indefinte strike action was reached.
Although the statement is expected to be made public at a press conference in Abuja on Monday morning, a top member of the union disclosed the resolution of the meeting and content of the statement to PREMIUM TIMES.
ASUU had earlier asked its branches to conduct referendum among members on whether or not an indefinite strike should be called.
The Abuja meeting which ended in the early hours of Monday reviewed the overwhelming position of the branches to proceed on the strike and adopted it.
The lecturers have complained of poor funding of universities, part-payment of salaries of lecturers and the kidnap of two lecturers of the University of Maiduguri by the Boko Haram.

Miracle in court as deaf and Dom hears and speeks

Man who went to steal in a Catholic Church pretends to be deaf and dumb before judge when he got to court.

There was a mild drama in the court room when a suspect arraigned before the Ejigbo Magistrate court, Lagos, decided to act deaf and dumb to deceive the presiding judge.

Chinedu Samuel, the suspect, was arraigned for allegedly stealing money from a member of the Christ the King Catholic Church. The suspect was arrested by the police at Shasha Division for stealing N31, 000 belonging to a female worshipper, Mrs Josephine Mofe.

On getting to court, Samuel refused to speak in order to deceive the presiding judge who already knew his antics, but played along for the suspect to play out his antics.

NAIJ.com gathered that the culprit was busy gesticulating with his hands after the court registrar had read his charge to him. He pretended to be hearing impaired and did not take his plea.

After allowing him play out his card, the presiding Magistrate, Mr Akeem Fashola, ordered that he be remanded in prison custody since he refused to talk.

Guys, Be Sincere! What Would You Do If You See Your Wife Doing This To You New Born Baby?

Imagine you got back home from work and you meet your Wife doing this to you new born baby

Davido Confirms Collaboration With Sean Kingston & Tory Lanez

It looks like DMW boss, Davido is working on more International collaborations as the singer confirms he has recorded a new song with Jamaican-American singer, Sean Kingston and Canadian hip hop artiste Tory Lanez.
OBO shared the news on his snap chat after posting a picture of the finished track which is titled ‘Kriptonite’. The song is owned by Sean Kingston, with Davido and Tory Lanez as featured artistes.
This wouldn’t be the first time he is working with International stars having worked with Tinashe, Meek Mill as well as Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug on the recently released ‘Pere‘.

President Buhari coming back tomorrow

President Buhari coming back tomorrow 

By Levinus Nwabughiogu ABUJA-President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to return to the country tomorrow,Friday the Presidency said on Thursday. President Buhari A statement signed by the Presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina stated that “President Buhari expresses appreciation to teeming Nigerians from across the country, and beyond, who had prayed fervently for him, and also sent their good wishes.” It will be recalled that the President left the country on January 19, 2017 for a vacation, during which he had routine medical check-ups. He was originally billed to return on February 6 but the holiday was extended based on doctors’ recommendation for further tests and rest.

Davido Vs Wizkid: Who wins the supremacy contest ?

Davido Vs Wizkid: Who wins the supremacy contest ?

The Nigerian music scene has seen its share of rivalry, down the ages, till now. From Barrister Vs Kollington; Obesere Vs KWAM 1; Onyeka Onwenu Vs Christy Essien Igbokwe; Sunny Okosun Vs Fela Anikulapo-Kuti; and now, Nigeria’s two leading pop stars; Davido and Wizkid having been going at each other’s throats in the past days, jousting for supremacy. In this special edition Potpourri takes a look at their careers and achievements and leaves you with the decision as to who’s greater and the better artiste. Pounds for pounds, this appears to be a fair fight as the two artistes do almost the same genre of music with slight variation as situations demand. Backgrounds Wizkid and Davido Davido, born David Adeleke, 24, is a son of a billionaire who grew up in the US, before coming home to Nigeria to pursue his music career. Wizkid, 26, on the other hand is a local boy, born in Surulere, Lagos, to a lower middle class family but attained prominence with music after slugging it out through the thick and thin of the Nigerian music industry. Davido got his breaks first time with the release of his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ in 2012. Songs like “All of You”, “Overseas”, “Ekuro”, “Gbon Gbon”,”Feel Alright” and Dami Duro became party anthems. Between 2013 and 2015, Davido released the singles; “Gobe”,”One of a Kind”, Skelewu, “Aye,” “If” and many others. For Wizkid, life began musically in 2010 with the release of his debut album ‘Superstar’, which featured top hits like ‘Holla at your Boy’,  “Love My Baby”, “Pakurumo” and “Oluwa Lo Ni” and many others. His second studio album, “Ayo” was released in September 2014 and was preceded by six singles: “Jaiye Jaiye” “On Top Your Matter”, “One Question”, “Joy”, “Bombay”, “Show You the Money”and followed by “Ojuelegba”. Awards Currently, Wizkid holds the bragging rights over Davido for winning the 2017 BET award for Best International Act, African category in which the two of them were nominated. However, by and large, it’s a close match between the duo. In most cases in which both of them were nominated, Davido seems to have the upper hand. Davido has triumphed seven times at the expense of Wizkid, while the Ojuelegba crooner has beaten the Aye man only twice. But all in all, counting non head-to-head situations, Wizkid’s shelf boasts of more awards than Davido. Social media popularity Both of them are very active on the social media. And yet again it’s a close call between them. Instagram followers as at July 6, 2017: Davido- 4,406M ; Wizkid – 3,803M Twitter followers as at July 6, 2017: Davido – 2.4M  ; Wizkid – 2.8M YouTube war of popular videos It is very hard to obtain views of all their songs on YouTube. For this reason, we have selected all three of their most popular songs. Songs off their debut album selected for this exercise are Dami Duro from Davido and Pakurumo from Wizkid: Davido’s Dami Duro – 7.5M views ; Wizkid’s Pakurumo 5.2M views Davido’s Aye – 40.M views  ; Wizkid’s Ojuelegba – 269,000  views And recently: Davido’s If – 25.7M views ; Wizkid’s  27.7M views. Past and present endorsements Davido has enjoyed major endorsements from only three firms, namely; Pepsi, MTN and Guinness while Wizkid has six majors in this regard, namely; Pepsi, MTN, GLO, Guinness, Hennessy and Frost of London. International collaborations Wizkid seems to be the master in this regard. In our record, Wizkid has ten international collaborations while Davido boasts only of four. Wizkid’s collaborations include: Come Close ft Drake; Sundown ft Zara Larsson; Wine to the Top ft Vijbz; Like This ft DJ Henry; Shabba ft Chris Brown, Trey Songz and French Montana; Mamacita ft Tinnie Tempah; Ojuelegba remix ft Drake; One Dance ft Drake; Soweto Baby ft DJ Maphorisa, DJ Buck; and African Bad Gyal ft Chris Brown. It should be noted that it doesn’t matter who features who, just as long as it is a collaboration. Davido’s collaboration includes: Fans Mi ft Meek Mill; Fine Girl ft Wale and Olamide; Tichelet ft Mafikizolo; and The Sound ft Uhuru and DJ Buckz. Label artistes Davido’s label, Davido Music Worldwide has the likes of Mayorkun, Dremo, Lola Rae, Dammy Krane, Ichaba, Shina Rambo and B-Red under its belt. Curiously, none of these artistes has hit the superstar status. Mayorkun, Lola Rae and Dammy Krane may have some claim to fame but not many music pundits would stick their necks out on it. Wizkid’s Star Boy Records has Mr Eazi, Efya, R2bees, Maleek and DJ Tunes. Mr Eazi is a standout here, and he’s even regarded as the darling boy of the moment. He won the coveted Next Rated Award at the last Headies Award and he has since been making waves. The verdict Based on the facts presented it is left to you to pick your better artiste. For Potpourri, it is just too close to call. Both of them are darn good, and remain, arguably, Nigeria’s best music exports.

AFRIMA 2017 : Runtown, Wizkid, Davido, others set to battle for honour

AFRIMA 2017 : Runtown, Wizkid, Davido, others set to battle for honour

By: M.c Wizo

AFTER a three-week thorough process of screening and adjudication, 13-man jury of the prestigious All Africa Music Awards,AFRIMA, representing the five regions of Africa, the Diaspora and the African Union Commission, Tuesday, announced nominees for regional categories ahead of its  November 9-12, awards ceremony.
The event, held at Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, saw the continent’s biggest names in hip hop music go head to head. Two of Africa’s most popular music stars, Davido and Wizkid are to battle for the Best Male category in West Africa. The duo also has the likes of Runtown, Drake, Tekno, Ycee, Mr. Eazi, Guinean MHD and DJ Arafat from Ivory Cost to beat in order to clinch the 23.9karat Gold plate AFRIMA trophy.
Different genre of music
South African rappers, AKA and Nasty C are up for the same category in the Southern Africa region, just as Kenyan hip hop star, Octopizzo will slug it out with Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz and  Ethiopian Sinishaw Legesse among others for the Best Male Artiste in the East African region.
While female acts like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade and Babes Wodumo,  Aramide,Viviane Chidid, Seyi Shay, Becca and Zeynab are also nominated for Best Female Act in their respective regions.
Announcing the nominees, Mr. Chris Cyren, the juror from Southern Africa said 4,816 entries from African music professionals and music artistes were received at the close of a two-month entry submission window on July 17, this year. He described the nominations process as rigorous and thorough, as he emphasized on the Jury’s resolve to be fair and transparent in line with the AFRIMA values of FACEIT (fairness, authenticity, creativity, excellence, integrity, transparency).
Charles Tabu, AFRIMA’s juror from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), harped on the need for music lovers in Africa to explore different genre of music from all regions on the continent. Commenting on a question of the criteria of nominees, Mr Bob Ekukole from Cameroon representing Central Africa reiterated that ‘the nominees were picked based on production quality, talent and creativity, melody, originality and authenticity, composition and arrangement. It has to do with the quality of music not on the number of views from any online video platform, some songs from certain regions have more than half a billion views and would have garnered the awards based on such sentiment but it is not so. It has to do with quality.’
Ms Angela Martins, Head, Culture Division, African Union Commission, AUC, noted that the adjudication process was a comprehensive and superb work of the jurors. “This robust submission this year clearly shows the appreciation and recognition of the music awards,” she said, adding that the African Union Commission is geared towards investing in the youth by involving them in the African Union’s 2063 Agenda, which intends to make the youth evolve a desire and expertise in the needed developmental facets of Africa in all areas.

Audition To Be A Star Now

Nollywood Campus Storm: Audition To Be A Star Now

The biggest Campus Acting Talent Hunt and Reality TV Show for graduates and undergraduates is here again. 

Nollywood Campus Storm (Season 2) Benefits for Participation 

- Over One million Naira acting contract 
- 10 Scholarships to film school 
-Chance to feature in a paid full length movie as lead and sub-lead 

How to Participate 
- Pay #3,000 processing fee into the company account 
A/c name: OKIKE MEDIA 
A/c no: 5600297181 
Fidelity Bank (Nationwide) 
Send your details, phone number, email, full length picture, evidence of payment, city of residence to the following emails 
For more information call our hotlines 

The first edition was massiv, this second edition will be superb. Don't be told. 
Side Attractions include: 
- 30 Finalists 
- 3 Short Films 
- 1 Full length Film 

Nollywood Campus Storm... Be the Next Celebrity!!!!
Fri May 2017 


MTN Campus Invasion Benue State University This is an event hosted by MTN in all campuses to entertain, promote the brand, package with fun- filled activities and price giving. Activities 1. Five aside football competition. 2. Treasure Hunt. 3. Talent Hunt (Rap, Dance, etc) 4. Video game competition (PS4) 5. Fashion parade 6. Raffle draw Date: 24th - 25th November 2016 Time: 12pm Prompt Don't miss out!

Wizkid, Davido, Mr Eazi Make AFRIMMA Awards 2017 Nominees List

Wizkid, Davido, Mr Eazi Make AFRIMMA Awards 2017 Nominees List


                                                               see more

African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is set for its 2017 release of the dish African honor service. The Afrimma grants arranging advisory group has discharged the rundown for AFRIMMA Awards 2017 Nominees.

As you would expect star kid Wizkid stowed the most elevated designation on the candidates’ rundown. Other Nigerian music hotshots like Davido, Tekno, Mr Eazi, Runtown, Falz and so on earned assignments in various classifications.

Here is the AFRIMMA grants 2017 chosen people’s full rundown.

Best Male West Africa

Wizkid – Nigeria

Falz – Nigeria

Serge Beynaud – Ivory Coast

Mr Eazi – Nigeria

Toofan – Togo

Moh Dediouf – Senegal

Davido – Nigeria

Stonebwoy – Ghana

Tekno – Nigeria

Kedejevara DJ (Ivory Coast)

Best Female West Africa

Tiwa Savage – Nigeria

Yemi Alade – Nigeria

Efya – Ghana

Adiouza – Senegal

Becca – Ghana

Josey – Ivory Coast

Mz Vee – Ghana

Simi – Nigeria

Best Male East Africa

Eddy Kenzo – Uganda

Diamond Platnumz – Tanzania

Jacky Gosee – Ethiopia

Ali Kiba – Tanzania

Navio – Uganda

Bebe Cool – Uganda

Sauti Sol – Kenya

Dynamq – South Sudan

Nyashinski – Kenya

Darasa – Tanzania

Best Female East Africa

Victoria Kimani – Kenya

Vanessa Mdee – Tanzania

Ester Aweke – Ethiopia

Avril – (Kenya)

Lady Jaydee (Tanzania)

Knowles Butera – Rwanda

Irene Ntale – Uganda

Akothee – Kenya

Dayna Nyange – Tanzania

Best Male Central Africa

Fally Ipupa – Congo

Magasco – Cameroon

Ferre Golla – DRC

C4 Pedro – Angola

Stanley Enow – Cameroon

Anselmo Ralph – Angola

Maitre Gims – (Congo)

Werrason – DRC

Best Female Central Africa

Laurette La Perle – Congo

Betty Akna – Equitorial Guinea

Syssi Mananga – Congo

Ary – Angola

Rennis – Cameroon

Arielle T – Gabon

Nsoki – angola

Best Male Southern Africa

Donald – South Africa

Black Coffee – South Africa

The Dogg – Namibia

Jah Prayza – Zimbabwe

Nasty C – South Africa

Emtee – South Africa

Roberto – Zambia

Casper Nyomvest- South Africa

Aka – South Africa

Best Female Southern Africa

Babes Wodumo – South Africa

Miss Lira – South Africa

Ice Queen Cleo – Zambia

Lizha James – Mozambique

Pah Chihera – Zimbabwe

Sally Boss Madam – Namibia

Zahara – South Africa

Chikune – Namibia

Bucie- South Africa

Best Male North Africa

Amr Diab – Egypt

Tamer Hosny – Egypt

Chawki – Morocco

Ahmed Soultan – Morocco

Douzi – Morocco

Ayman Alatar- Morocco

Khaled -Algeria

Saber Rebai – Tunisia

Best Female North Africa

Samira Said – Morrocco

Ibtissam Tiskat – Morocco

Angham – Egypt

Sandy – Egypt

Amal Maher – Egypt

Latifa – Tunisia

Amani Swissi – Tunisia

Sarah Ayoub – Morocco

Best African Group

Sauti Sol – Kenya

Radio & Weasel – Uganda

Toofan – Togo

Bracket – Nigeria

Mi Casa – South Africa

R2bee’s – Ghana

Bana C4 – Congo

Yamoto Band – Tanzania

Forca Suprema- Angola

Crossing Boundaries With Music Award

C4 Pedro (Angola)

Wizkid (Nigeria)

Young Paris – (Congo)

French Montana- Morocco

MHD – Senegal

Ayo Jay – Nigeria

King Kanja – (Kenya)

Wale (Nigeria )

Jidenna (Nigeria)

Maleek Berry (Nigeria)

Best Gospel

Frank Edwards – Nigeria

Uche Agu – Nigeria

Willy Paul – Kenya

SP Koffi Sarpong – Ghana

Icha Kavons – Congo

Ntokozo Mbambo – South Africa

Nathaniel Bassey – Nigeria

Sonnie Badu – Ghana

Best Newcomer

Dremo – Nigeria

Medikal – Ghana

Ray Vanny – Tanzania

Preto Show- Angola

Maleek Berry – Nigeria

Mr Leo – Cameroon

Nathi – South Africa

Julz – Ghana

Niniola – Nigeria

Zani Challe – Malawi

Artist of The Year

Flavour (Nigeria)

Diamond Platnumz ( Tanzania)

Fally Ipupa- Congo

Wizkid (Nigeria)

Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)

Davido – (Nigeria)

Eddy Kenzo – Ugandan

Tekno – Nigeria

Mr Eazi – Nigeria

C4 Pedro – Angola

Dancehall Act of the Year

Timaya – Nigeria

Stonebwoy – Ghana

Jah Prayza – Zimbabwe

Burna Boy – Nigeria

Samini – Ghana

Patoranking – Nigeria

Shatta Wale – Ghana

Buffalo Souljah- Zimbabwe

Best Video Director

Daps – Nigeria

Justin Campos – South Africa

Sesan – Nigeria

Clarence Peters – N

Nigerian love song crooner Tjan has dropped another one for the ladies.

Ladies man singer Tjan is out with a new tune titled 'Omo yi'.

The story of this one talks about him meeting a girl at the market place, and confidently tells her she would be his even when she lets him know she has a girlfriend.
The tune was produced by Mosa.


Nigerian players win Israeli Super Cup with Hapoel Be’er Sheva

John Oguplay
John Ogu and Anthony Nwakaemeplay
Nigerian players John Ogu and Anthony Nwakaeme on Friday, August 11 won the Israeli Super Cup with Hapoel Be’er Sheva.
Following Hapoel Be’er Sheva’s Israeli Premier League title win last season, they faced Bnei Yehuda in the Super Cup game on Thursday.

Ogu started the game alongside Nwakaeme who was among the scorers as Hapoel Be’er Sheva beat Yehuda 4-2.
Mohammad GhadirToma Pekhar and Ben Sahar were the other Hapoel Be’er Sheva.
Nwakeame’s goal came after he had missed a penalty in the 73rd minute.
One Goal, first Cup of the season SuperCup #PoseForTheGoal #GodIsTheGreatest #TN9,” Nwakaeme wrote on Instagram after the game.

God is the Greatest. Thank God for another title. SUPER CUP!!,” his compatriot wrote on his social media.
This is the second consecutive Super Cup titles for the Nigerians who also won back to back league titles.

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